AMT Rendez-vous #30: Auriea Harvey

When: Tuesday March 7th, 3 to 6pm
Where: Parsons Paris, room 500
Who: Auriea Harvey

I am Auriea Harvey (US/BE), a Visual Artist working in traditional and interactive media. I am trained as a sculptor (Parsons School of Design, NYC), auto-didact designer (Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht) and have an obsession with drawing (Studio Escalier, Paris). Online since the beginnings of the web in 1994, I am known for Internet art, web/interaction design, videogame theory, experimental software creation, 3D scanning, modelling and printing. I am always exploring the intersections of technological creation and traditional artistic craft.

I have a long term collaboration with Michaël Samyn as co-founder of and Tale of Tales (nee Entropy8Zuper!), our studio in Gent, Belgium. With Tale of Tales, I’ve been designer, art director and lead 3d artist on 8 video games and countless other projects, all openly available online. Our current on-going projects are Cathedral-in-the-Clouds where we are building a VR cathedral and digital versions of ecclesiastical artworks for everyone to contemplate and enjoy; and TheEndlessForest, a magical online multiplayer game where everyone plays a deer. In these interactive works we bring together our love for art history, mythology, philosophy of videogame design, respect for digital/analog artistic legacies and our general nerdiness.

About Tale of Tales
Tale of Tales BVBA is a games development studio, founded by Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn in Belgium in 2002.
The purpose of Tale of Tales is to create elegant and emotionally rich interactive entertainment. The explicitly cater for people who are not enchanted by most contemporary computer games, or who wish for more variety in their gameplay experiences. To this end all of their products feature innovative forms of interaction, engaging poetic narratives and simple controls. Tale of Tales started life with the design of 8, an epic single player PC adventure game inspired by the various versions of the folk tale, Sleeping Beauty.