AMT Rendez-vous #33: Tsuneko Taniuchi

When: Monday April 10th, 7pm
Where: Parsons Paris Gallery
Who: Tsuneko Taniuchi

Tsuneko Taniuchi was born in Hyogo, Japan. In 1987, she moved to Paris, where she lives and works.

In 1995, she created the concept of the Micro-Event, as a way of rethinking the relations between the viewer, the artwork and the artist.

« The Micro-Event stems from my desire to be on the same level as the public. I invite the viewer to take part in an experiment consisting of small-scale targeted actions that transcend the limits between art and life, questioning reality, tradition, representation, norms and codes. » (Tsuneko Taniuchi)

Although Tsuneko Taniuchi’s work mainly explores the borders between art and life, it also looks at questions relating to social, sexual and cultural identity.

Tsuneko Taniuchi’s work has been shown in Europe, the States, and Japan, and also at international events such as Force de l’art at the Grand Palais, Paris in 2006 and 2009, and the Liverpool Biennial in 2004.