D+TM #48 Raphaël Bastide

What: D+TM #48
When: Tuesday 7th of February, 3 to 6PM
Where: Parsons Paris room 500
Who: Raphaël Bastide

Free and open source software, the open standards and the vast diversity of open-source tools are all incentives for the designer to examine his or her own technological choices and identity. While being an author on many levels, the designer is also invited to not passively use the tools anymore, but to learn them, to fiddle with them or to create them. The experimentation is part of the creative process and nourishes its practice for the whole project, but also on a personal level. Graphic designers are now authors, coders, contributors and hackers. They now allow themselves to claim and own its process and to accept the resulting form. They collaborate, transmit, transform and interpret. New forms are arising in this economic and social context in perpetual evolution.

Such a context allows for a reassessment of the nature of the tool and its place in the graphic chain. It’s with a custom-made tool created for this master class that I’ll be attempting to sensitize the students on the crucial question of the tool, its scope, and its limits.

I will conceive for the occasion a software allowing the generation of posters, both digital and print-ready. This software will specifically be made to be easily hackable: adjusting the parameters, the user will be able to appropriate the software and to really control the final results. Under the name UNFAM, this web app encouraging creation with unfamous and unfamiliar material. The graphics database of this app will be fed from the last pages of creative commons online resources, zero views, least popular or mistagged material.

This proposition seeks to present the software as an assistant to the designer, sensitizing the students about their hybrid status (both project designers and tools-makers). During the work session, the students will have the opportunity to use and alter on many levels a creation tool under a libre / open source license. This tool will be made exactly for this occasion, but also for their own use.