SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, November 17th, “Sorry. I didn’t get that.”



On the evening of Thursday, November 17th, Parsons Paris students will present Sorry, I didn’t get that., a series of performances, installations and artworks, that will occupy the Monnaie de Paris exhibition Maurizio Cattelan : Not Afraid of Love. From a childish mischievousness to a cynical critique Sorry, I didn’t get that. will create a dialogue with the works by Maurizio Cattelan while further exposing the complicated nature of identity, the self portrait, and interpersonal relationships.

Artworks by:


Sebastian Grant

Lucian Moriyama

Maureen Muse

Olivia Tucker  

Curated & Organised by:

Francesco Pastore

Forrest Pelsue

Katia Porro

Margaux Salgado

*This event is free for all students with an ID card. Join the Facebook event here. See the event on Parsons Paris website here.