Diva Helmy: TILT

TILT: Concept/creation: Diva Helmy
Tech support: Benjamin Gaulon

TILT is a messaging application for the new generation that breaks conventions of familiar and outdated interaction practices such as texting and typing. TILT presents an embodied form of communication as a wearable artifact that responds to simple head movements by generating text on a digital interface. More sophisticated than Yo. and more intuitive than Snapchat, TILT fills in the missing gaps of current social media environments (communication controlled by complex and manipulative algorithms) in which we are missing physical actions as non-verbal cues and intuitive actions as emotional exchange. TILT is a communication technology that combines signal and symbol communication, it performs a function through a physical being (Chesbro 32). “signals, even when understood and used as such, have nevertheless a sort of physical or substantial being; symbols have only a functional value.”(Chesbro 32). TILT uses movement as a symbol for thought, kinesics as linguistics.

Can we reimagine the landscape of our online interactions as combinations of subtle body movements? Instead of typing out a question you can tilt your head to the right. TILT proposes a possible solution to keying overuse.  All can benefit from healthier ritualized movements but it is important to note that projects such as this could potentially be used to aid those who are unable to perform a certain motor skill. For instance if a person has lost control of their hands they can use TILT to send phrases online.

Group Exhibition: FEED
May 22, 2015 XPO Gallery
17 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth 75003
Paris, France