Olivia Tucker BFA AMT

img_0828Where are you from?

United States

What do you like best about AMT or DT?

My favorite thing about AMT is how broad it is. I doubt there’s another program that combines all domains of art and design so well.

What is the coolest thing you have done since you’ve been at Parsons Paris?

Taking part in the MAC+ festival was amazing– it was great to get a feel for what’s going on in our field outside of school. The ReFrag festival is also really cool.

What project have you done at Parsons which you really like?


This was my final project for Evan Roth’s class “Internet Landscapes”. “Communication, being the cornerstone of the internet, continues to act as a primary motivation for being online. Just as the Earth’s topography has shifted and evolved over time, the internet has shaped our methods for communication, creating a new landscape of human interaction. These composite coastlines combine together various landing points of fiber optic cables, proving that instantaneous connection creates virtual closeness. ”