Despite a rise in awareness of the negative social and environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry and the urgent need to rethink its systems, consumer behavior has shown little change in its consumption over the last decades. Parsons Paris and Tranoï decided to devote attention to sustainability issues in the fashion cycle with a renewed approach to address this lack of environmental consciousness.
For their first research and design project with a school, Tranoï CEO David Hadida and his team launched the Rebranding Sustainabilityinitiative after brainstorming with Parsons Paris students in their first year of specialization in fashion design and in strategic design and management. The students intentionally directed their creative proposals away from “earthy” aesthetics and opened them to a wider range of concepts in order to generate desirability around sustainability to a greater audience.
Parsons Paris invited the embroiderers of Ecole Lesage to participate in the project by helping students integrate traceable materials that are not considered part of the traditional repertoire of Parisian haute couture embroidery.
The project culminated in May 2018 in the creation of 27 unique pieces from organic or recycled textiles, most of which were donated by Fair Makers, a Paris-based startup specialized in the sourcing of sustainable fabrics. 

The final panel was composed of:
David Hadida, CEO of Tranoï
Steven Ledru, Communication and Marketing Manager of Tranoï
Emilie Talec, Paris Women’s Show Manager of Tranoï
Murielle Lemoine, Director of Maison Lesage, Paris
Laure du Pavillon, Development Director at Ecole Lesage, Paris