Bargello: Projected Storytelling (video)

In spring 2017, HDCS students partnered with the DT + AMT programs (Design, Art, Media, and Technology) to produce project proposals for the MAD (Musée des Arts Décoratifs). This project was conceived by Nadia Jihad (MA HDCS), Karla Polo-Garcia (MFA DT), and Paolo Villanueva (MFA DT).

MFA Design & Technology students Karla Polo-Garcia and Paolo Villanueva, and MA History of Design & Curatorial Studies student Nadia Jihad turn the Bargello inside out through projection mapping.

The unique story of the Bargello is presented through a comprehensive narrative, captivating imagery, and a powerful musical score.

Beginning as residence of the chief magistrate, the thirteenth-century palazzo was converted to a prison under Medici rule, and then restored to become the first national museum after Italy was united and Florence designated as its capital. It houses a diverse collection of Renaissance sculpture and decorative arts, as well as Dante’s first portrait.

Their final product is designed to be projected onto the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Piazza di San Firenze, Italy.