The Parsons BBA in Strategic Design and Management program prepares future actors of change in managing the business of design and the design of business.The SDM program proposes innovation and management techniques based on design thinking. It addresses all sorts of economic and social challenges within organizations, institutions, and economies by bringing together different perspectives, skills and talents to figure out solutions for a fast changing world. The strategic component of the programs allows to find a balance between the production of long-term systemic visions and the implementation of immediate concrete actions. This approach is extremely relevant today considering the global changes of our society and economy.

The BBA in Strategic Design and Management is offered both in New York City and at Parsons Paris. The program offers students the opportunity to study in two international capitals of design and innovation at the same time, Paris and New York, allowing them to have mobility between the two campuses.
In Paris, the program provides the students with an exceptional opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the French and European social, economic and heritage context.
On the one hand, they will understand, experiment and contribute to the changes, often digital and technological leaded by a flourishing start-up ecosystem, that are reshaping the European economy, its citizens and institutions.
On the other, they will be confronted with the world-renowned luxury fashion industry that is the results of small companies and craftsmen contributing to Europe’s leading position in design, creativity and innovation.
In both cases, the students will develop a peculiar sensitivity to complex and interlinked processes that have to be continuously sustained by innovative products, services and business strategies to respond to external competition, consumer fragmentation, technological advances and environmental issues.

At Parsons Paris through the BBA in Strategic Design and Management program we propose a model of education based on active, on-field, investigation of culture, society and technology. We encourage and support the students, through a committed community of scholar and practitioners, to understand the locality and the situation in which they are working to produce design interventions and identify business opportunities. Central to this approach is the notion of the experiment, the different courses could be seen as small laboratories where to familiarize, test and run different tools essential in real life.
Considering Paris as a door to Europe and thanks to the strong interconnection with the other Parsons Paris programs the BBA program prepares the students to cope with shifting social, political, and ecological contexts. It offers an opportunity to assume entrepreneurial and leadership positions developing new design solutions combining entrepreneurship, management, visual communication, social and sustainable innovation.