The New School Parsons Paris is the European campus of the New York based university The New School and its design school Parsons School of Design.
The BFA Fashion Design program offers students the opportunity to study in two international capitals of fashion at the same time, Paris and New York, allowing them to have mobility between the two campuses.
In Paris, the Fashion Design program provides an unprecedented opportunity for students to broaden their critical knowledge of fashion as a powerful driving force for social change and cultural diversity. Fashion is here considered as a footbridge between cultures and a barrier to cultural homogenization.
Because of its exceptional range of high-end Maisons with their specific universes, heritage and craft, Paris is a laboratory where students can take advantage of unique resources to experiment new design practices.
Through design studio projects and various technical and theoretical courses, they are immersed in the work of great Paris-based fashion designers and companies which give them a wider perspective on the research practices that lead to design innovation.