During the first year of the MA Fashion Studies, students take a class called ‘Fashion Cultures’, taught by Justin Morin, which aims to bridge fashion theory and practice via the making of a magazine. By exploring the world of fashion magazines, the class opens up different perspectives on fashion, such as the role of the publishing industry, the development of social media, fashion production and consumption, and the contemporary role of the industry as an image maker.

Through a combination of guest lectures, workshops and editorial meetings, students collaborate and create their very own magazine: Regard(s). Now in its second edition, this issue focuses on the production of magazines, and includes interviews with guest speakers from the fashion industry.

Tiffany Godoy, creator and editor-in-chief of the Instagramazine Th_Rlty_Show,  is one of our interviewees. On March 11th, she came to speak and discuss her career with the first-year MAFS students, including her past, current and future projects. Her unique perspective comes from living and working between Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris, and from working for Japanese magazines such as Composite and Studio Voice, as well as with a wide range of clients in the industry such as Chloé and Zac Posen.

On March 25th, the class also interviewed Saul Marcadent, curator and postdoctoral researcher at IUAV University of Venice. His research interests focus on the relationship between publishing, fashion and visual culture. He takes a very tactile approach to his work, and has created the concept of “Editing as Curating”, which was also the title of his PhD thesis.

The full interviews can be found on the soon-to-be-launched second issue of Regard(s)!


Written by Sandra Mathey García-Rada and Amanda Stedman

Photographs by Amanda Stedman and Marco Pecorari