In Spring 2018, Parsons Paris and Tranoï launched the Rebranding Sustainability initiative. 27 unique pieces were produced by sophomore students from natural or recycled textiles, all embroidered by hand in traceable materials thanks to the collaboration of the artisans of Maison Lesage.
For the exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre, Tranoï selected 12 pieces that spoke to four major themes: Reinvented Materiality, Climate Change, Second Life, and Critical Systems. The first group shows unexpected associations of materials such as remains of hair, recycled cotton thread transformed into organic lace, outdated wool balls and feathers made of recycled fibers. The climate change pieces focus on the irreversible consequences of natural disasters such as the millions of hectares of forests destroyed by mining in Brazil. In the third group, a second life is given to objects and clothing resurrected from recovered debris while redefining the spatiality of the body. The pieces of the fourth group express the repressed anger of the designers over the consequences of fraudulent practices and trafficking associated with the counterfeiting and exploitation of textile workers in many parts of the world.
At this early stage of their training, students were able to demonstrate that, in a global context of social, economic and environmental crises, the art of changing the world can lead to more sustainable alliances of concepts and materialities.